Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pronunciation Diagram

Attached with the Pronunciation diagram for your reference.

Homework: Week of 26 May

Dear Brother and Sister, 

Times flies and now we have mid-term break for 2 weeks. We are glad to complete all 6 units for the past 2 months smoothly.

By now, ALL students should have started to join Chinese meeting nearest to your current congregation. Try it for at least 3 months then you will know whether you are suitable in Chinese field or not. We would like to hear your feedback if you have any difficulties.

Please don't be lazy during the break these 2 weeks. Prepare your lesson ahead, complete all homework and present your Demo Project as fluent as possible.

Your Homework for this week:

  1. Project - DEMO (Informal and Formal witnessing)
  2. Get a Vocabulary note book, and record down all new vocab you have learn. See diagram A. 
  3. UNIT 7 All exercises
  4. Sing Song #2 and Children Song Lesson 7: Giving Makes You Happy

Diagram A

Sing Song #2
You may download the PINYIN song book by clicking HERE

Children Song:  shī líng kuài
Sorry that the Children song doesn't have PINYIN version, you may download the lyrics HERE, then covert it using PINYIN converter.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Homework: Week of 19 May

Dear Brother and Sister,

Starting this week we hope you can prepare exercise ahead, so that you can digest the content and perhaps raise question for those exercise instead of just follow the answer. We hope you don't stuck at PINYIN, but keep moving on:

  1. Making sentences
  2. How to ask question?
  3. Have more conversation in Chinese

Your Homework for this week:

  1. Present "创世记" to "雅歌"
  2. UNIT 5 All exercises
  3. UNIT 6 All exercises
  4. Present song "随时祷告" (Pray Anytime)

Please try your best to attend our class on this Saturday because we will have 2 weeks off after this, and resume the class on 14 June 2014.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Homework: Week of 12 May

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Good to hear that some of you happy with the current arrangement to join the long 3 hours Chinese class. Other than the exercise, Please prepare the UNIT ahead if you have time, and we are happy to hear your question.

Your Homework for this week:

  1. UNIT 1 - Exercise #2 (PINYIN "R" > "S") ,Exercise #5 and #6.
  2. UNIT 3 - Exercise #2 and Exercise #5
  3. Remember name from Genesis (UNIT 2 Page #5) to 2 Chronicles (UNIT 3 Page #6)
  4. Sing Song #120
  5. UNIT 4 - Exercise #4 and #5

If possible, practice the homework with friends together to get better results. Practice happily, learn faster! ;-)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Homework: Week of 5 May

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Happy to know your Chinese name today! Please introduce your Chinese name to brother sister and share with them what you have learnt from the class. Be brave, speak in Chinese please...

Your Homework for this week:

  1. UNIT 1 - Exercise #2 (Start from PINYIN "K") to Exercise #4.
  2. UNIT 3 - Exercise #2
  3. Practice Bible Books name from Genesis (UNIT 2 Page #5) to 2 Chronicles (UNIT 3 Page #6)

Please be prepare, we have new game for you next Saturday! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Homework: Week of 21 April

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have done our 3rd class (UNIT 2) smoothly yesterday, and hope you all enjoy the field near Wangsa Budi. I notice some publishers use the simple presentation from the class and manage to place some magazines to the householder easily!

If you're English speaker, our brother and sister may tend to speak English with you. Please ask them to do a favor for you, "请跟我说华语"(qĭng gēn  shuō huá ) means "Please speak Mandarin to me". This definitely will help in your Chinese learning. We will speak more Mandarin in the next class! ;)

Your Homework for the coming 2 weeks:

  1. UNIT 1 - Exercise #2 (Start from PINYIN "T") to Exercise #4.
  2. UNIT 2 - Exercise #3
  3. Survey Chinese Surname from the congregation's Brothers and Sisters as much as you can
  4. Give yourself a Chinese name and put on Name Tag in coming class.

** Please take note that we won't have Chinese class on next Saturday (26/4/14) due to Special Assembly at Centro Klang.

** Please practice your exercise EVERYDAY, Pray harder for the holy spirit and put more effort in the 2nd Tones and 3rd Tones practice. Take note that we normally use "Half 3rd Tone" in daily conversation.

If you have time, please go through this Youtube video on "How to Pronounce the 3rd Tone?" by YangYang Cheng. Thanks to Kerryn for bring up this useful tutorial.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Homework: Week of 14 April

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Please practice the exercise below EVERYDAY, and pronounce at the fastest speed you can achieve with accurate tones.

Your Homework for the week:

  • UNIT 1 - Exercise #2, Page 6 of 12 (Start from PINYIN "N") to Exercise #3, Page 10 of 12.
  • Prepare for UNIT 2
We have more challenging game for you to play on this coming week! ;)

Learning PINYIN from Youtube Video:

The Kids Song Paradise channel has lots of PINYIN practice. Listen to the songs and practice when you have extra time or when you want to confirm the correct tones.

- a e i o u

- Differences of 4 tones

- Four tones with initials