Monday, May 19, 2014

Homework: Week of 19 May

Dear Brother and Sister,

Starting this week we hope you can prepare exercise ahead, so that you can digest the content and perhaps raise question for those exercise instead of just follow the answer. We hope you don't stuck at PINYIN, but keep moving on:

  1. Making sentences
  2. How to ask question?
  3. Have more conversation in Chinese

Your Homework for this week:

  1. Present "创世记" to "雅歌"
  2. UNIT 5 All exercises
  3. UNIT 6 All exercises
  4. Present song "随时祷告" (Pray Anytime)

Please try your best to attend our class on this Saturday because we will have 2 weeks off after this, and resume the class on 14 June 2014.

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