Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Homework: Week of 26 May

Dear Brother and Sister, 

Times flies and now we have mid-term break for 2 weeks. We are glad to complete all 6 units for the past 2 months smoothly.

By now, ALL students should have started to join Chinese meeting nearest to your current congregation. Try it for at least 3 months then you will know whether you are suitable in Chinese field or not. We would like to hear your feedback if you have any difficulties.

Please don't be lazy during the break these 2 weeks. Prepare your lesson ahead, complete all homework and present your Demo Project as fluent as possible.

Your Homework for this week:

  1. Project - DEMO (Informal and Formal witnessing)
  2. Get a Vocabulary note book, and record down all new vocab you have learn. See diagram A. 
  3. UNIT 7 All exercises
  4. Sing Song #2 and Children Song Lesson 7: Giving Makes You Happy

Diagram A

Sing Song #2
You may download the PINYIN song book by clicking HERE

Children Song:  shī líng kuài
Sorry that the Children song doesn't have PINYIN version, you may download the lyrics HERE, then covert it using PINYIN converter.

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