Sunday, April 20, 2014

Homework: Week of 21 April

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have done our 3rd class (UNIT 2) smoothly yesterday, and hope you all enjoy the field near Wangsa Budi. I notice some publishers use the simple presentation from the class and manage to place some magazines to the householder easily!

If you're English speaker, our brother and sister may tend to speak English with you. Please ask them to do a favor for you, "请跟我说华语"(qĭng gēn  shuō huá ) means "Please speak Mandarin to me". This definitely will help in your Chinese learning. We will speak more Mandarin in the next class! ;)

Your Homework for the coming 2 weeks:

  1. UNIT 1 - Exercise #2 (Start from PINYIN "T") to Exercise #4.
  2. UNIT 2 - Exercise #3
  3. Survey Chinese Surname from the congregation's Brothers and Sisters as much as you can
  4. Give yourself a Chinese name and put on Name Tag in coming class.

** Please take note that we won't have Chinese class on next Saturday (26/4/14) due to Special Assembly at Centro Klang.

** Please practice your exercise EVERYDAY, Pray harder for the holy spirit and put more effort in the 2nd Tones and 3rd Tones practice. Take note that we normally use "Half 3rd Tone" in daily conversation.

If you have time, please go through this Youtube video on "How to Pronounce the 3rd Tone?" by YangYang Cheng. Thanks to Kerryn for bring up this useful tutorial.

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